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Pool Maintenance Anaheim

When you have a swimming pool, it can create a great opportunity for you to feel refreshed, especially in the hot months. However, in order to continue enjoying the use of your pool, you need to maintain it. Lack of proper maintenance makes the experience unpleasant and can cause a number of health issues. We are a professional company that offers pool maintenance Anaheim for commercial and residential clients. As long as you choose our professional pool experts, you can be sure that the work will be done in the right way. From the look of things, cleaning a pool may seem to appear a simple task. However, without the right experience and skills, you may end up with the wrong results. To see a complete list of our services, be sure to check out our homepage

There is so much that goes into the process of maintaining a swimming pool. We are experts in the industry and we have all that it takes to keep your pool in check. Some of the maintenance activities that we will carry out on your pool include:

Maintenance of pool equipment

  • Cleaning tiles
  • Vacuuming
  • Wall brushing
  • Acid washing
  • Pool filling
  • Pool repairs
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical balance
  • And more


Elite Pool Service Anaheim offers the best pool service Anaheim Hills CA and we can confidently assure you of quality services. Over time, your pool will get dirty and have calcium deposits accumulating. Our work is to make your pool clean and free from any dirt and germs and leave it sparkling clean. We are a company that uses the best techniques and practices in the maintenance of swimming pools. Contact us to schedule an appointment and to have your swimming pool maintained by the best experts.

Pool Service Anaheim Specialists

Is your pool clean or does it have algae, dirt, leaves, and other forms of dirt? Besides being an eyesore, these are serious issues that could prevent you from enjoying swimming in the pool. We are committed to making your pool clean and well-maintained in a professional manner. Our team of experts will evaluate your needs and help you determine the right pool maintenance schedule. Commercial pools require to be maintained regularly and since we do not want you to have to go through the hassle, we will do it for you. From the moment you choose our pool service, you can consider dirty pools to be a thing of the past.

Having a swimming pool is a great investment and in order to protect your investment, you need to work with professionals for the maintenance. We take great pride in being the leading pool service company and we have the best experts who are experienced and knowledgeable. Taking care of your pool is our core business and we strive to offer tailored services. Every client is different and their needs are unique and we will give you the right solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our experts will clean and sanitize your pool on a weekly or monthly basis and each service comes with a quality workmanship guarantee.

Acid Washing Anaheim

After several months of use, you may realize that the pool tiles and floor are not the same color. The color is affected by calcium buildup, leaves, chemical residue, and dirt among other elements. Normal cleaning may not solve the problem and you will not be happy with the final result. With our acid washing services, we are able to restore your pool to its original color. This is a detailed process that is effective in removing stains from all the surfaces of your pool.

There are instances where you may not have noticed how bad the pool is. If you are not able to see the walls of the pool or even the floor after cleaning, then you will need acid washing services. However, it is important to note that acid washing is a dangerous process and can easily wear out the finish of your pool. Our experts recommend having it done once in a few years, so as to protect the integrity of your pool. Contact us today to book an appointment and we will determine if acid washing is necessary.

Pool Inspection

There are so many things that work together to ensure that your swimming pool is in shape and serving its purpose. As such, it is important to have all these parts and components checked regularly by a pool service company. Our team of pool inspectors is always ready to inspect your pool and test the different accessories. When you need to have your pool inspected, we are readily available to carry out the task. Over the years, we have invested in quality equipment and resources for such tasks. At the end of the inspection, we will compile a comprehensive report with specific recommendations and solutions.

Pool Cleaning

Cleaning your swimming pool is one of the basic maintenance processes. If you are searching for pool cleaning near me, you have come to the right place as we are always ready to give you the best service. Our pool cleaners are knowledgeable and highly trained which makes it easier for us to take care of all the pool cleaning needs. We will clean the filters, tiles, backwash, and every other type of cleaning that we may deem necessary.

Weekly pool cleaning is one of the most popular services that homeowners require from us. With commercial swimming pools, the cleaning may be done several days a week, depending on the traffic of swimmers. Our swimming pool cleaning service is affordable and this gives you more time to spend with your family and loved ones. We are professionals and we will wall brush and clean the pool for the best results.

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Elite Pool Service Anaheim is a different company as we put the needs of our clients first. We strive to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. Pool maintenance in Anaheim is necessary and it is best when it is handled by a professional. Contact us to book an appointment for a superior quality pool service.